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The LJ sweepstakes scene is surprisingly lacking. Sure, there's never a guarentee that you'll win anything...but there are SO many sweepstakes out there, so many prizes, that if you just keep at it and enter a few per day you're guarenteed to eventually win something great.

I've decided to make this an all-inclusive community for now: feel welcome to post anything that's free or almost free.

* Sweepstakes entry
* Freebies
* Freebies with shipping & handling
* Coupons
* Rebates/refunding links and info
* Unbeatable deals
* Survey heads-up (ONLY info on a current available survey, no links to just the website. Legit companies only)
* Other (researched, LEGIT, preferably tried-and-true) opportunities to make a quick buck online.

A few rules, of course.

1) For now entries will not be moderated, but all will be validated and removed if any false information is found, the item is no longer available, or does not appear to be legit.

2) Please FOR THE LOVE OF GOD make use of LJ tags. I would like for this community to be as navigatable as possible. Tags to be used are: Sweepstakes, Free, Almost Free, Coupons, Rebates, Refunds, Deals, Surveys, and Misc.

3) Please be as descriptive as possible when you make a new post. Users who make a post that contain only a link with no description will be asked to edit their entry within 24 hours. It will subsequently be deleted or re-posted by a mod if action is not taken by the original user.

4) No off-topic discussion. There is a seperate community for that: sse_discussion

5) Any referral links will be replaced by my personal link (if I have one) because it's my damn community and I can do that =) The exception is conga lines (see description below).

Conga Lines

We all have heard about the free iPod or free *insert expensive sought-after item here* deals. Many of these programs are legit and do in fact send you the goods after signing up for a certain amount of offers and then referring x number of friends.

Many freebie communities on LJ and other forums off-site do not allow "free iPod" type posts. We WILL allow them here, but only one thread per offer (which MUST be tagged and it will be added to the memories) will be allowed and you must adhere to conga line etiquette and wait patiently for your turn in line.

Helpful Things</a>

RoboForm - fill in entry forms with the click of a button.

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